If you can decide before the date?

If you saw the movie about Mary, you probably know the conversation between Ben Stiller and Chris Elliott about "loaded arms theory".

Essentially, the promise is that when you go to a date with a woman, it's probably a good idea to masturbate rather than just one thing on your own threshold.

Well, when this particular topic came up in a recent conversation (sorry for the unintentional punishment), I decided to do a little research.

As it turns out, we assume that Google searches you in a way that does not result in "adult" sites, it soon turns out that almost everyone who thought about the topic du jour has the same conclusion pulled off: it is best to masturbate before a hot date.

The reasons cited are usually double:

1) "Pressure" is Off

2) If something happens physically on the date, then & quot; d less likely early ejaculation.

Traditional wisdom indicates that this is a solid logic. But not so fast.

The problem of "traditional wisdom", as pointed out by the author of Freakonomics, Steven Levitt, is that it is usually based on the conclusion of EASIEST and not what CORRECT may be.

And the more I think the "loaded weapon theory" is, the more I start to think that you have to think more than the surface.

I really want to question you to consider whether it is really best to store it for a few days before you meet a woman. Here's why.

First of all, there is a disgraceful suspicion that when we, as guys physically target sexual exclusion, can only be sexually (readable: "masculine") by physiologically.

Forget the "pheromone spray", gentlemen. My feeling is that when you live in the "mood", women somehow feel that … and the woman "wakes up" physiologically.

As I said, I really haven't found anything that would support this hypothesis on Google, but considering MOTOS (members of the opposite non-members), taking into account sexual readiness, hormone levels, etc.

Indeed, women spend more time thinking about such things, and some of the ideas that have been pulled over the years also include what kind of space they get when they get pregnant, the woman at FERTILE at NOW he was on his sexual peak … even when he unconsciously recognized my people around him.

So here is: Considering that here we are all people, why not have a similar set of sexes, but a set of sexes like men?

I also think that if you are more sexualized in the moment, you will probably feel much better in your soul when you create an attractive woman at a time. And this kind of energy can lead to some serious fireworks (the keyword is "leader" as always).

The analogy of what happens when you shop while the hungry are not far away. If you have just visited a "everything you can eat" buffet, you will probably postpone it until tomorrow at the supermarket.

But if you missed lunch and starved, you probably can't wait to go for a meal.

In fact, in the last few days I have run some ideas described by some women and ALL agreed with me … The guy is mature enough to keep things under control.

This goes: Women really love when a person radiates first sexuality at a time.

What they do not like, guys are like Neanderthals. They do not like the pressure and / or the "used" feeling.


So I feel that "personal control" can actually be the kicker here.

To face; if you are hungry when you arrive at the grocery store, you can spend twice as much money on stuff that you will probably never consume before you go wrong. But only if there is a lack of discipline.

And if so, if you are ready to drill a hole on the mattress when you meet a woman, you may have "tunnel vision" and come out too sex-oriented or even DESPERATE when she's with her.

But again … this is only true if there is no discipline.

What we are here, gentlemen, could actually be a very real LITMUS TEST to measure whether or not MASTERY is above our own sexuality.

This is a difficult task, right?

If you can't handle the heat then yes … you probably masturbate better before a date.

But that would be your loss. Because women are really ROCKED IN THE ENVIRONMENT when they are in the presence of a man who is both sexually and in self-discipline, if he can maintain his composition, if WILDLY POWERFUL can be very well in this state. most other guys.

And I'm not going to make a discount that this is another piece of the puzzle why older guys can attract younger women who think boys are "so immature" in their own age.

As far as the early ejaculation of the argument is concerned, otherwise it is less of a problem than you think.

Contrary to popular belief ("usual wisdom" again), a woman may actually be FLATTERED if she first exploded for the first time. I can assure you that the opposite scenario is beating.

If not, do you think you have a "second round" somewhere?

What do you think? Can you try everything we are talking about here without going out? Can you believe that a woman can actually respond to you in an entirely new and effective way?

At least I can assure you that if you can handle all of this and apply it, it will work at a level that most guys don't have access to. You will probably enjoy the dates much better, becoming an increasingly crowned world champion in the rise of sexual tension.

After all, what do you want to do to get all the benefits available when you have to separate yourself from the "stock" and recognize the ability to attract the highest quality women on Earth?

Source by Scot McKay

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