If Saint Louis Bluestocking – where can Get Your Fix

If you feel it's a bit like an anachronism when you find the "pet teacher" and above all if you find the presence of books, anesthesia, then this article is for you. For those who think of dark blue stockings when they hear the word "St. Louis Blues," here are the constituencies where they can find the fixes:

  • Left Bank Bookstore. The giant in the St. Louis literary scene, the Left Bank Bookstore encourages the reputation of the great American writers (Jamaica Kinkaid, Jane Smiley and David Sedaris). Left Bank Books is proud of its local ownership and operation, and has introduced many literary initiatives in its neighborhood, located in Central West End (another in downtown). In the spirit of famous bookstores in Paris, Left Bank Books also has a Spike-resident cat.
  • Subterranean. Located on Delmar Loop, Subterranean has lost half its size recently, but has no impact on its impact. Sweet Approval on yelp.com: "Like twenty dollars, Gulag fans could find Solzhenitsyn's thoughtful, two-volume, five-thousand-page literary inquiry … The loving title – the title of the old owner's book page … introduces the human touch, "
  • Great Sleep For those who like to get their way through good spying, discovery or mysterious morning, there are the great sleep books on Euclid Ave. With the new, first-ever, first-hand, signed copies, Big Sleep unlocked the mystery of how to lead a successful, independent bookstore to the smallest imaginable space. About Christie from LeCarre to Sherlock Holmes, you will definitely find something that goes all the night at Big Sleep.
  • St. Louis Book Fair. If you firmly believe that one man's insect replica is another man on Treasure Island, then St. Louis. Louis Book Fair for you. This 60 year event will take place at the Western County Center on April 29 and May 2, 2010. The opening gala records the auction of rare books. Quickly used discs, tapes, CDs, DVDs, videos, comics, graphic novels and, of course, books will be on the event. Revenues go to local nonprofit education and IT programs, so you'll be good as long as you're doing business.

If you are a member of St. Louis Louis Bluestockings, you can take pride in this flag and visit a local independent bookstore. You will be a good company with books.

Source by Lisa Marie Brown

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