iBook – New app on Apple iPad

I know you've heard tons of buzz about the new Apple iPad. One thing that is attracting attention is a new app that was created exclusively for the iPad. This app is the ibooks app. If you're a person who loves to read, you'll love this new app. It allows you to read any book you want, right on your device.

When you first open the iBook application, you will be included in your book. In your bookshelf you will see all your current books. If you want to read, click on it and start reading. Reading the iPad is just like reading a regular book. You can either hold it in a capture mode, which allows you to view one page or hold it in a landscape image, which allows you to view two pages at a time. It's really up to you and how you're happy to read.

Another aspect of the ibooks app is ibookstore. Right above the book, in the upper left corner is a store button. When you click this button you will be taken to ibookstore. Once you can browse and find new books you want to read. Once you've found a book you want, buy it and it will automatically appear in your book. You can either read it right then or come back later.

And it will be even better. If you do not know what it means or what it means, just touch and hold the word and you will be able to view it with the built-in dictionary. Well, the iPad is changing the way we read.

Source by Jane Joyner

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