I was sure that internet logging from my home would not be exactly what these companies had in mind when they advertised, "Free Internet (Internet Free) – so I picked them up!"

"Hey, it looked like an open invitation to me! Then I picked it up. In fact, there are three companies that I can sign up from my house that advertise free internet. Half a mile away, the other two are a few tenths further.

Now you're likely to think … these guys have to have a powerful way for me to pick up a WIFI signal from afar. Is the one they do not. They are using standard outdoor guidelines connected to the internet through online service providers like everyone else. The trick to achieve these results is at my end.

In order to get the maximum range of WiFi Connectivity, you need either a powerful transmitter or powerful receiver. The government limits the power of the transmitter to make this connection; it is an antenna scan that is important.

This is ek Ki something new. Antenna model has been running since Nikola Tesla first started experimenting with wireless communication back in the 1890s. WIFI is just a continuation of the early technology. The range on most WIFI routes is only about 300 feet. But with a good home-made antenna, this range can be extended incredibly. My connection is rock solid.

To those who are having trouble getting a good connection from one end of the house to another, this might seem impossible, but with a custom antenna it is quite common. Current WIFI longline card for incompatible & # 39; stock & # 39; A road is 238 miles! It's just using antenna technology.

So, how expensive are these antennas and where can you get them? You can buy them, but the ads are over $ 100. At least an expensive way to acquire one is to build it yourself. It's easy and it costs only $ 10 to $ 15. When you think about what you spend on service fees every year … there's a drop in a bucket.

There are two types of WIFI antennas that you can build … Yagi and Waveguide. The Yagi is pretty complicated for beginners. The Waveguide, or antenna, is something that is ten years old to build at noon. All of it consists of a sachet and a USB adapter.

Of course, the cans must be of a certain size and shape and USB adapters must fit into the correct place in order for it to work properly. But it's no problem if you can follow simple instructions. It's also easy to step up this antenna by adding more things. It is the most advanced design that is most interesting.

The best place to find building instructions and more about the WiFi antenna is to log in to Amazon's online store and enter "FREE Internet" in their search engine. This will bring up some books that will show you exactly how to build these and even more powerful WIFI antennas. Book prices range from $ 5 to $ 20. The books at the top are the most popular.

Not only was this fun afternoon project, but I expect it will save me $ 500 a year from now on. Or at least until they take "FREE Internet" left down!

Source by Randy Benjamin

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