Hypnosis and Markets from Imbalance, Skulled Face Reader

One of the concepts of life is that you can learn something from everyone. It's not easy to live. When you participate in hypnosis – whether a student, an expert or a recipient of it – you will meet colorful characters. It's a woman who can not help me – if she tried, I put my fingers in my ears and ran screaming. Even so, she accidentally taught me a great lesson about hypnosis and marketing.

I met this woman while I had time to spare. She taught a workshop on how to learn the personality of the person from their face. The square of the jaw indicates stubbornness, for example. It's likely that I'm not completely sold on. In other words, the workshop completely sounds like that.

The first thing that a teacher did was to establish her credibility. An important part of the hypnosis process, but it's not a lesson.

She described how she consulted a particular government agency. As part of the recruitment process, she would look at the applicants' photos and evaluate their analysis, credibility, and so on.

This surprised me. Not in "oh, how interesting, so." It was more, and is it right? ", Like that.

When I shared this story later, a friend pointed out that answering a face reader would not be just stupid and extravagant. It's against government policy (and maybe its law) to disclose this information. This friend, I point out, has the first experience in the case.

No, this is not the hypnosis either. credibility is losing skills.

Teacher continued: I was, despite the little voice that told me to run away.

Then, she said, as a resistance decision, her facial treatment is like phrenology. It uses physical characteristics of the head to distinguish skills and personality.

If I was drinking water I would have predicted it everywhere.


Are you sure you want to make up

If you've never heard of phrenology, then the idea of ​​reading a bump on some head is predicting what they are. How smart they are, whether they are violent or not, how trustworthy they are – everything comes in the shape of the skull.

To be polite, phrenology is undesirable notice. To be precise, it's pure nonsense. Nobody has submitted it for about a century. It is a poster child for debunked science.

I have literally never heard anyone living with medical treatment as a joke. Except this slogan, clearly.

This is not a lesson either. Do not classify proven science with unpredictable science.

So, what did I learn from this unequally skilled woman with dubious credibility?

Not much more because I left a few minutes. And that's a lesson. I went. But most did not. Most people heard her comparing her craft to nonsense and striving to learn it. She had built the audience of suckers by driving away someone with a lick.

Perhaps this was deliberate about her. Even so it's bad. Sugar makes horrible customers. But use this filter idea for your advantages. Drive away someone who does not want to change. Deter potential customers who want to be flaky, high maintenance and late to pay you. Build your message so that your ideal customers think that "well" sounds good & # 39; while energy vapors appear to have a UV-emitting, cross-shaped garlic.

Source by William T Batten

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