HTC Wildfire – User-friendly smartphone

Smartphone maker amazing HTC has been busy releasing some new smartphones in recent months. When the latest handset is introduced, there is always a lot of hype. The wildfire, one of their latest creations is no exception. With modern technology and applications that consumers have now expected from sophisticated smartphones, it includes features such as HTC Sense UI with FriendStream, elegant hardware and design, and recently released Android OS.

Despite the list of specifications, HTC Wildfire is incredibly trivial. Its dimensions are 106,8x 60,4x 12 mm but weighing 118 g feathers. So obviously, HTC Wildfire is very comfortable to keep and use when on the go.

Internet access is initially granted with permission 3G network coverage; although users can enjoy faster connections over Wi-Fi. When 3G coverage is required to access the internet, it is in the form of HSDPA at speeds of up to 7.2 megabytes per second. Users can utilize a much faster connection to their favorite websites when Wi-Fi Technology detects wireless networks and uses their tags to enhance browser experience. To connect to cellular networks in all remote areas, EDGE and GPRS are used, both in Class 10. Both Bluetooth and micro USB connectivity means that users can connect to other devices where you can perform various tasks.

As many users have expected from the manufacturer, extensive list of technologies and applications are all included directly from the box that increase the volume of functionality and versatility of the phone.

Internal memory is provided in the form of 384 megabytes of RAM and 512 MB ROM. Storage for music files, videos and pictures etc., It provides the courtesy of an micro SD slot located on the handset. This can be installed on a memory card that is up to 32 GB. This should be sufficient for the needs of most users and offers a heap of space.

The 5MP digital camera is an impressive piece of hardware that offers attractive photographers or simply those who enjoy taking pictures with themselves. A variety of different features are included that simplify the task of taking a good shooting and video. Derived images and movies can be enjoyed on a large screen in great quality and detail.

Although it's not the best-known brand, HTC's reputation is growing steadily, and it already has loyal followers. It's easy to see why with examples like HTC Wildfire, which means all the boxes.

Source by Chris Westley

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