HTC Vigor to be launched like Droid Incredible HD any minute now

A dangerous document was recently released on the site that appears to be HTC Vigor's specification sheet. However, the scriptlock of this smartphone is called Droid Incredible HD with HTC. It says in the document that the smartphone is planned to launch on all channels of Verizon Wireless on October 13th. It also includes information about what your new smartphone has to offer its users likely to resemble HTC Vigor.

At this time, there is still no confirmation or denial from HTC regarding this rumor. The document seems to be legitimate especially with the information it contains about the new HTC Vigor. There is only one definition that seems to be a question and this is the screen resolution. From the document, it shows a 4.3 "WVGA display optimized for HD content, but below is HD resolution 1280 × 720 – The most powerful ever on smartphone. These two statements are contradictory and allow people to think of each of these two scripts they really want to use. Since HTC Vigor claims to be the first HD smartphone from its surface on the web, many assume that one below is the correct description.

This contradiction gives people thought if this is a careless mistake Only this contradiction has made the document questionable but away from it all looks right.

Other information for HTC Vigor found in the document is a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, compatibility with 4G LTE, and runs on Android Gingerbread. in 8 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash and 2 MP camera in front with the announcement LED flash for video chat. The camera is capable of to 1080p HD video recording. It has 16GB of internal memory and expandable memory with microSD card with 32GB class 10 preloaded. The sound system is Beats by Dre. It claims to be able to become a mobile hotspot for up to 10 devices. It is powered by a 1620 mAh battery.

If this document was true, HTC Vigor or Droid Incredible HD could really be the world's most powerful smartphone. It is fully equipped with high-end features, hardware and technology support that will definitely make it dominant in the mobile smartphone market. This is exciting news for all HTC aficionados out there.

Source by Katrina Canlas

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