HTC One X Review: Learn Before You Buy

With HTC One X, you get an HD display, a thin chassis, the best HTC processor and a company that glorifies the victory of their phone, HTC Desire.

The One X runs a quad core processor that has the largest display found on any HTC that makes this model a powerful and sleek handset. Runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, this phone takes HTC on new heights, but it could be too soon for companies that have been on the market for just a decade.


HTC phones are moving to smoother design and One X continues with this sleek look. It's a big 4.7 "screen that's a magnificent feature of the 720 pixel HD display. The game engineer or filmmaker, this phone is perfect for you.

It has awesome pixel density competing with iPhone 4S. It's a device you must Seeing believing. The rest of the phone is quite subjective. It's a big phone that's incredibly lightweight (130g only) .It's a lot bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S2, but you'll not really find the difference in your pocket. [19659002] Hardware

As you would expect, the volume bar on the right side of the phone with the micro USB to the left, which can also use to double the Mobile HD link to connect to the TV. With regard to the price, this is a very scalable setting, which gives it a minimal feeling that could make many happy. This simple effect is further mixed by microSIM slot, and you need an Apple-esque device e If you want to open the smaller SIM slot can be a little annoyance for people who are upgrading to full version, the scarcity of the micro SD card is definitely turning off many users – especially if they want to watch HD movies or play heavy games .

Yes, the phone is packed with 32GB of storage, but it's not going to satisfy a hunger game console. The presence of a micro SD slot would have been better.

On the back of the phone you will find an 8MP camera that runs out of the device, but does not ruin the look – thanks to a curved chassis. The design of the phone is fascinating but its size can be a problem for people with little hands.

All in all, HTC has caught the market with a successful phone. HTC One X will not disappoint you in any way. Need more reviews, tips, tricks and how? Visit, a good blog about technology .

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