HTC Legend – The Most Beautiful Android Smartphone

Hi everyone, today we have one of the most beautiful HTC Android device, sometimes the most beautiful of Android smartphones.

HTC Legend is so fun to watch, but also to touch the body completely from one block aluminum. The solution has contributed to the aesthetic design, but also the construction quality: strong, solid, has a chassis that also under the strongest pressure does not suffer in any way crunches, shows no signs of suffering.

HTC Legend is a much more aesthetic participant than HTC Desire, the top smartphone Android Taiwanese manufacturer. Yet, right from Legend Desire, there are some hardware solutions, like visual sticks. I continued to opt for the "bike" used by other devices (Google Nexus One, for example), but the input system works well and shows itself sufficiently accurately and reliably.

The body's body and advanced look for the legend were the prerequisite for separating the smartphone from other equivalent products.

High tech computer must have invested a lot to prepare a production line that would allow the assembly of monocoque terminals.

But if the results will reward the campaign, it is certainly legitimate to expect that many future devices will be manufactured with similar features.

If HTC Legend stands out and deserves its design and build quality, it's not the same in terms of performance. The device has average CPU performance, certainly not as fast as what is agreed in Desire.

The difference between the two devices is not particularly noticeable for normal use, except sometimes when your phone is active (but consider the phone module is hard nuts for the Android operating system and for other platforms).

Instead, HTC Legend suffers from enormous evidence for Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU clock, as well as "only" 600 MHz, when using the browser.

In this chapter, Legend is one of the world's most powerful devices, thanks to the Android Eclair browser, but sometimes the HTML server suffers from overweight webpages.

HTC Legend has achieved great success in wireless device testing: both the phone unit, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been proven to a great extent by trial tests.

In particular, Wi-Fi can be connected to a wireless router at a distance of ten meters, with two walls to act as an obstacle. So in this review, the most beautiful device in the High Tech Computer range is worth the effort to introduce.

In MP3 recording, the device sounds good, but does not have much volume. Thus, those who listened to MP3s warned about the city. The sufficiently loud volume distributed by the speakers, comparable to the desire.

Indeed, good performances of the video device.

We made a test by changing the trailer Avatar from HD 720p AVI to MP4 with resolution of 1280 x 534 pixels, so very close to the original high definition.

HTC Legend can lend itself as a satellite navigation system. We watched the GPS receiver, also walking: it is suitable for use in local service as a real navigation solution.

The satellites are quickly snapped, even in difficult conditions, and when the sky's vision is partially uninhabited.

Good value of independence in research tests. The battery looks capable of maintaining HTC Legend for the whole day of work and entertainment. The loan goes without saying that the CPU clock speed is clearly designed for long-term use.

The story is one of these HTC smartphones that can not be hidden. The phone is designed to give sense of solitude, accounts above average.

Fortunately, these features are not obvious to those who have HTC Legend in his hands, but also those who are close.

So Legend is a HTC device to show with ease, and why not, with an indication of self-esteem. Sure, performance is not so good, but which one is perfect?

Source by Charlie JJ Harper

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