HTC Evo 4G to replace Evo 3D in CTIA 2011?

Rumors have flown in addition to the HTC Flyer table and the Nexus S 4g, Sprint could soon be launching Evo 3D smartphone as a true successor to the Evo 4g. Last year in CTIA, the original Evo 4g was introduced, leading to some believing that the stage is being set for the show this year. All eyes will be on Sprint for upgrades on their flagship smartphone.

Not too much known at this time about Evo 3D, although Engadget announces that this phone could have 3D screens and / or 3D capabilities like 3D and 3D images. Also, the HTC company that bought Evo 4g for Sprint and it is expected that Evo 3D will come from them too. HTC continues to continue in the world of smartphones.

When Evo 4g was introduced last year in CTIA, it came to the table with a list of new and analyzed features. We saw 4g WiMAX support, mobile hotspot support and more. With newer phones like the Motorola Atrix 4g and even the new HTC Thunderbolt, some of these competitive features have been eliminated. By saying, it's quite Sprint will turn to 3D, and possibly a glasses-free 3D smart screen, to regain this competitive edge.

If Sprint manages to launch an Evo 3D smartphone here in the US, it's possible that it has a 3D mobile phone experience across the country. Run other competitors to continue using any 3D technology they have. Other 3d smartphones have been launched in places like Galapagos but no-time on the US market.

Another imaging partner with HTC for Evo 3D is LG. They have already developed a Optimus 3D smartphone that has a dual core gigahertz chip from Texas Instruments. LG has not yet announced a carrier for this phone. Sharp has also said that it will launch Galapagos 3D smartphones in the United States in 2011.

Current 3D phones require glasses and can be turned to 2D to view normally. When the first 3D smartphones are installed here in the United States, the phone will need programs, videos, and other content that utilizes the 3D qualifying screen. It is likely that the market will rise quickly and the 3D revolution will be in full swing.

Source by Kevin Ierardi

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