HTC Evo 4G – Competition is getting harder for the iPhone 4

Since Apple launched the iPhone, the storm has attracted world attention. Hype and popularity reached peaks. From that moment on, other brands have launched their own gadget to pull the iPhone out of its base, be it Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid X, or even Google's flagship Nexu One One. The iPhone reversed the competition with the release of successful versions, but now a wild warrior entered the battle ring battle, which could be Apple's next big challenge. Do you know what they call me?

HTC's latest gadget, the Evo 4G. HTC has developed quite a fanfare between the Legend and the Desire models, but Evo excludes the other. First of all, Evo can work in the 4G network, which is still largely ignored by most of the most popular models but will soon become the next hot feature. 4G networks provide a higher downlink speed, even more than 3G, which adds more functionality to mobile communications. Smoother video calls, better conferencing, entertainment, and news are all gently accessible on this palm-hold device. The iPhone, however, comes only in 3G, and so one step behind Evo. What do you think about it?

The Evo 4G screen size is much larger than the iPhone 4, giving you more space on the gadget than the website content. This also provides a better video output that can be safely sit and enjoy, as this model has a cute kickstand on which the entire device lies horizontally sloping. The list goes on and on.

Source by Shane Natan

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