HTC Desire Z – Qwerty Android Cell Phone

HTC Desire Z has emerged as a device that offers style with portability. You get a great responsive touchscreen that helps you surf surfing and also helps you quickly get rid of your mail with just a touch screen. In this fat world what else you need. HTC Desire Z is definitely a response for all technical people. HTC Desire Z Features

HTC Desire Z Features include their web browsing ability. It has a 3.7 inch screen that gives you a good opportunity to check your friends or update email. All the keys are so beautifully set to help you post your message very easily. This phone also offers you a Google Card that does not require standby time. You can get it set in the direction you want to search for any location. So easily you can download and find your own location with the help of the card used by this phone. You also have Adobe Flash facilities with it. It helps you stay in touch with your friends and let your friends know about your updates.

HTC Desire Z Specs

HTC Desire Z models contain their 180 GMS and a battery. It has run out of a keyboard. It has a screenshot of touch screen that also has a pinch to the zoom facility. The size of the screen is 3.7 inches. Its resolution is 480 * 800 WVGA. This phone has 800MHz CPU processing speed. This phone gives you internal memory storage for 1.5GB and you can get a micro SD card slot of external memory as 32GB. With auto focus and flash device, this phone has a 5 mega pixel camera. It also helps you with a 720p HD camcorder. This phone works on a 3G network and you have all connectivity modes like GPRS, Edge, Wi-Fi and 3G. It also includes a 3.5mm audio connector with the standard micro USB that it has. It is a multimedia device with sensors like a G-sensor and a power sensor. You can easily play with your community and sites like Twitter, Facebook and you can also share your videos on YouTube.

One particular feature is that it protects your phone from getting lost with the help of controlling your phone remotely with

HTC Desire Z Review

HTC Desire Z will be released in September this year. This phone is a decent phone within it. His body is aluminum with the QWERT keypad. With a 3.7 inch screen display, this phone attracts very many with a stylish look and feel. It is not only stylish but it has a good grip in your hand. It works on Android 2.2 and has only rafted HTC features. Color and contrast are much richer. The opposite simply looks amazing. There are many more features you would like to tweak alongside it and get a more famous feel on your phone. In normal tablet mode, these phones just look and feel great.

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