HTC Desire HD (Ace) – Android 2.2 Froyo Smartphone

HTC Desire HD has come up as a device where you can experience many things. This new HTC Desire HD has been created with a high-resolution 4.3-inch screen and it also has a virtual surround sound.

HTC Desire HD Features

HTC Desire HD features includes a 4.3-inch display. This is a Dolby mobile phone that has a virtual surround sound. You get all the websites, videos, music, games all with simple clicks. Another great feature of this device contains a card and you can easily download them. You come away from enough to wait now. HTC Desire is here to deliver you cards without waiting time. There are zero data transfer charges and zero dead spots. You have no problem knowing how to turn your map as HTC Desire HD does it in a similar way. Now you get your ATM, station easily with maps. You can not easily lose this phone because you can easily send your message and call another number if you forget about it at home.

HTC Desire HD Specs

Specifically, touch sensitive screen with a special pin for extra zoom. Its size is 3.7 inches. It has 1 GHz CPU processing speed. It has an Android 2.1 operating system. This device has a 5 mega pixel camera and it also has a face-up capability. It gives you a good chance of auto focus and zoom. For storage, it gives you an external memory and it also has a 32 GB memory card. It can be connected through USB port and 3.5mm stereo. This works on a 3G network and has Wi-Fi and GPRS connection too. It enjoys a G-sensor along with Digital and close to sensors too. Many HD Desire HD sepcs contain social networking integration, image sharing and video sharing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It gives you a good Google card and an internal GPS antenna too.

HTC Desire HD Review

This is going to October this year as announced by HTC. You can see the understanding of UI again in this new model. You have good options that you can create on this phone. All options are omitted in one place and it makes it easy to use. It really helps those who are not very technical. It's a neat dimension that makes this phone small and sleek. This phone is completely pocketable and it only has on screen options with it. There may be some confusion as the back cover of the phone can be confused in front of it too. You do not remember when you set your phone upside down.

It has a good chance to be popular with people. Its price is not yet released. But it is expected that the price will be worth the attributes. You can easily listen to music and watch videos with the new device that has great potential.

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