HTC 7 Mozart offers Smart Phone Technology

HTC 7 Mozart is an impressive functional mobile phone that is also aesthetically pleasing and full of gorgeous features and features. It's a smart phone that uses Snapdragon 1 GHz processor as well as Microsoft Windows 7 phone, which both offer reliability and stability. The hand measures 190 mm by 60 mm in width and is 11 mm thick and connects.

The handset comes with an impressive array of useful features that include a variety of games, as well as entertainment provided by the MP4 / MP3 music and video player. In addition, the handset comes with a GPS feature that offers satellite navigation, while organizer, voice memo operation as well as predictive input is also included as a standard.

The handset has 8GB of internal memory enough to handle most of the requirements. The unit comes with a range of connectivity options that include EDGE, GPRS, as well as micro USB and blue tooth connections. Network access is available and is provided with HSDPA or Wi Fi connection, which provides the means to access the network at speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

The handset camera is powered by an impressive 8.0 megapixel camera that can capture outstanding image quality because it includes auto focus and face detection to assist photographers. The camera also includes geo-tagging and xenon flash while also offering video recording with the ability to record video at 720 points.

The screen with a 3.7-inch S-LCD screen shows excellent image quality and comes with active touch screen functionality. The display can display up to 16 million colors, giving it an excellent depth of imagery and quality of color. The handset also comes with accelerometer and proxy sensors that are capable of automating various tasks while the handset handset utilizes multi-touch input method.

HTC Mozart is a handsome handset that, like its counterparts, HTC Desire HD, offers impressive functionality that is perfectly in touch with a stylish and attractive casing.

Source by Andrew Ramsey

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