HP Specter 13t Overview: Great, ultra-slim and lightweight laptop

HP has introduced the Thinest Powerful Laptops with the Specter Series. The 13-inch unit weighs only 2.45 pounds and is only 10.4 mm thick. The daring look also helps in displaying the HP Specter 13t. Not the same dull silver or black as most laptops, but rather a smoky gray, attractive golden mood. The wrist strap, which is closer to the standard laptops, is light, gold-plated. The cover is aluminum, the bottom panel is carbon fiber. A mixture of materials ensures the machine's proper balance between rigidity and weight.

The 13's also have a good keyboard. The keys are fairly shallow and have a regular island-style keypad that most users are familiar with. The 13.3-inch diagonal display (1920 × 1080) delivers a full HD experience with IPS technology. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass.

There are a wealth of impressive components inside the body, such as the 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor (two core), HD graphics with 620 and 8 GB standard system memory. The 256GB – 512GB M.2 SSD is the latest PCIe NVM (e) technology. Users can wait for several hours of battery life with a four hour 38-volt Li-ion polymer.

External ports include 1 USB 3.1 C-type generation 1 and 2 USB 3.1 C-type generation 2 as well as a headphone / microphone combination. The three USB-C ports are located on the back of the house. Two of these ports support Thunderbolt 3.0 technology. Dual display outputs are enabled, as well as extremely fast data rates for external devices and Thunderbolt compatibility.

Trackpad and SSD for HP Specter 13t

Due to the non-sticky feel, the trackpad has textured glass surfaces. While the pad may seem somewhat narrow, it is noticeably noticeable and still provides enough room for convenient overall use.

With all SSDs and 8 GB of RAM, the HP Specter 13 is a very fast machine. It is not a powerhouse that you want to replace your regular desktop computer, but there are still many options available for your ultra-slim laptop. In fact, this is not as limited as some Core M laptops in the market. Even games that have no heavy, demanding graphics can be used.

Overall, this is a nice notebook with futuristic design and solid construction. It has a surprisingly powerful processor for its thin, feathered body. As long as you do not mind the lack of a conventional USB port, there is nothing to lose and everything that HP Specter 13 can get.

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