How Zero Is The Rifle Scope

You got the new rifle, I got it and let me find … for some reason, the shots coming near the bands?

Sadly, more than just shooting the shotgun and the SAS sniper has to be felt as sharp as ever. You have to "reset".

Think about it. It's like a bicycle . For example, if you tighten the screws incorrectly, too many on one side, spin and rub on the brake pads. Same as Rifle's scope. If it is not set properly, it will be offline and even with short air rifles, airsoft and paintball chains. At a long time, one mile (well depicted) will sink.

Exceeding the number of sight or scope means placing the intersection by shooting. Ground zero, if you like. The point of impact. There are many controversies between the shooters, the best way to reset the scope or sight. What is described below has been sent to my eBay buyers for the past year and has received many good comments about it so I know it's okay.

How to apply zero to a gun range?

First, you need to have a solid foundation if you fit the range.

  1. Place the luminaire on the rifle and remove the upper brackets.
  2. Tighten them in place at 1/2 turn to the fullest possible extent and firmly, so the downward pressure is as smooth as possible. Do not tighten in this section as you can slide them slightly down and down.
  3. Now circle it and put it on top of the open gun.
    • Make sure the cornering and altitude towers are on the one hand and on the right (these are "towers" in vision, later use the micro settings and the wind force settings) [19459019]
  4. Then put the top holders and tighten – Repeat the partial turns to pull.
    • Do not tighten up completely at this stage, you may need to set it up a bit.

Be in the standard shooting position and make sure you see the boundary well …

  • The distance between your eyes and your back is called Eye Relief.
  • Unlike cartoons, it does not use the scope of the eyepiece against the eyepiece.
  • Once comfortable, close all the retaining bolt to make sure the setting is solid –
    • at this stage be careful to keep the last turn and one by one to keep the pressure equal.

      1. Load the Rifle
      2. You have to accept the normal sound / positioning position.
        • The test is the best way to try to shoot from standing or kneeling positions and make even more difficult "true" tests.
      3. Put a goal in place, say 20 yards – or whatever the "normal" range is.
      4. Using a cross hair at a target – Making 2-3 shots – Where do they lie depending on where you want them? Right, left, up, downhill (lucky for you!) The 2-3 shots are best, as averaging the shooter inaccuracy and a bigger "emotion" close to the real zero.

    Now you have time to take advantage of the tipping and rising towers to get zero dead. These are 2 turrets at the top and right sides of the current card. See my site for images .

    1. Models are changing, probably wrap the cap and have either a coin bolt or a finger swivel dial.
    2. The upper tower can be raised and lowered. Right side left and right.
    3. If you have a district instruction, you need to have a table and numbers to tell what each click is setting for the crossword movement at "x" distance, e.g. 1/8 inches to 100 meters.

    With a one-click turn and every time, take a new shot for the measurement where the shot is now falling – the disks basically adjust the cross hair position up and left to right.

    Test message and bug are basically, but you get to testing where you need it and you can trust your capture where you'll say it! It may take some time and a lot of recordings. Be patient!

    Source by Nick Moseley

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