How to write your novel on your smartphone

Finding a time to write a novel can be difficult and having a real drive to sit down on your computer can be a challenge in itself. Small tasks of life can easily be prevented, and before you know it, the day has come and gone without the word being written. While you might be busy dreaming of the scenes and plotlines in your head, sometimes you just do not want to sit down on your computer. And it is here that using your smartphone can offer real benefits.

One that can really help you write more is by using your phone. Most smartphones have some kind of notepad applications; Easy to use digital jotting pad that you can write shopping lists and alerts on. However, you can set this application for much more use than registering a daily necessity, and it can be a quick and easy tool for getting words down with minimal effort.

You might think using the smartphone to write a novel is not & # 39; T is the easiest way to complete your most recent book, but if it makes it easier for you to write, there are some extraordinary bonuses. Just imagine how fast you can write out instant messaging, text and email on your phone. If you can put it in good time and transfer this speed to your notepad, there are a lot of words you can write in your daily parts. Of course, you still have your computer or Mac to final format, but this is a relatively easy process. Most smartphones have an email option that is integrated into their notebook application, which allows you to send yourself an email instead. Otherwise, you can just cut and paste this by email to yourself. Once at home, all that is needed to cut and paste the script, change some formatting options and hello presto, you have written new words with minimal effort.

The great advantage of using your smartphone to help write your novel is that you will probably always have your phone with you. There is no need to carry a tablet, netbook or paperback with you, as you can simply drop your smartphone into your pocket and go away. Coffee breaks, lunch, pendling, even ads in your favorite TV show will be all the opportunity to write down some quick words. And while you're unlikely to write all the novel on your phone, you'll definitely be able to maximize every free moment in your busy life to continue the poet's progress.

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