How to use Solar Powered Cell Phones

Solar-powered mobile phones are the latest way to be environmentally friendly. They offer full use of a standard mobile phone while reducing the impact on the environment. Solar power means that it's using the power of the sun to charge the battery on the phone. This provides a clean power supply for your phone.

For initial use, you need to charge your phone. While you can charge your phone with power, you can also load it in the sun. The best way to do this is to clean a window that has direct sunlight to enter your home most of the day. Take charge of charging cells in the direction of sunlight and charge your phone for some time. Typically, these phones see five hours for voicemail for every hour they are in direct sunlight.

In addition, solar energy cell phones use a low power LCD display. Although you use the keypad as usual on any phone, the display will appear darker as there is a slight description of the unit. This does not affect all the quality of the phone, just the amount of energy saved with environmentally friendly design.

The custody of the phone is easier thanks to the case intended to be worn outside of the pocket and purse. These simple clippings on modules will allow the cellular phones to capture the sunlight from around the world. Most importantly, these cases have been designed to avoid being bulky and unappealing, so the user does not have to sacrifice comfort for quality.

Another great thing about solar panels is that they can do all that is a normal cell phone makeup. You can text, play games and do all the normal features that mobile phones can do, with environmentally friendly designs. You are not sacrificing one for the other. Keep in touch with people the way you want and know that you're helping the planet while saving power.

As you can see these great phones do not limit anything you can do. They usually work and allow you to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the world. If you're serious about taking the first step in going green, these simple ones are using solar-powered mobile phones right for you.

Source by Jim P Peterson

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