How to use mobile phone coupons on mobile phones

Mobile coupons will continue to grow over the years. As industry professionals predict about 300 million people are expected to adopt mobile coupon technology by 2014. For those who are eligible to cut a Sunday or weekly circular coupon, calculate how to use These new coupons are the first step to to do this disposable statistical reality.

With mobile coupons there is no need for a computer or printer to redeem them; All buyers need a smartphone and data connection. There are new smartphone software applications that allow buyers to access coupons often to get the savings while on the move.

Here are four ways that buyers can use mobile phone coupon technology to save money and time:

Text: Some retailers submit bids in the store or on their website with instructions to make retailers for a special offer. A user simply follows these instructions, receives a text message and displays it to retailers to redeem the offer. Some restaurants participate in text clubs where customers can participate in receiving individual messages and special offers that are only available to text clubs. These clubs are free to join and help consumers find the best deals at their favorite restaurants, bars and shops.

QR Code: These are funny looking squares that appear more and more on window windows, page edges, and even on outdoor advertisements, such as billboards along sidewalks. With so many mobile phone users and new barcode branding programs being introduced constantly, retailers are customizing their mobile coupons to evolve with modified technology, like QR code. Consumers can scan QR code presented to retailers & # 39; doors, menus or marketing materials to find out more about the agency and / or find some mobile coupons available. Then they can download coupons on their mobile device and retail scan QR code or coupon to redeem the offer.

Barcode: Same bar code reading technology that reads QR code can also read barcode. All mobile barcode readers can read the traditional barcode on any item available for grocery shopping or stores. This allows the business to find the best deals or read more information. It also allows some stores to send users to the website of their own store, since they can offer special coupons for buyers.

Email: Campaign URL is still part of a mobile coupon policy because retailers treat their consumers and # 39; Email addresses like gold – it's a direct line of communication with their customers' loyalty. Retailers can send coupons with a built-in barcode or QR code directly to customers who can just pull up the email on their phone and get a bankrupt scan of digital coupons, like traditional paper certificates.

Placement Mobile Applications: Some local applications – also called check-in applications – offer targeted tickets to users based on where they are at the same time. The main example is the one who stands on the street corner with a stomach and five dining rooms as an option. She can turn on her mobile phone and connect to one of these services to reduce the selection by specifying which restaurant has a coupon available at the moment. For example, some restaurants offer guests 10% of their meal if they sign in and show their mobile on the server.

The more consumers accept this growing mobile coupon technology, the more retailers will learn about their consumers and # 39; mobile routing, allowing them to offer valuable coupons and special offers, and consumers work with extra savings on places and products that are already interested in them. The key is to make these coupons available and available in real time.

Source by Julia Rostin

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