How to use BIRT mobile phones

BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone is a native application built from scratch to meet the highest standards for iPhone-based experiences. This is not another tool that is based on a browser that looks like an iPhone application. Built in Objective C, this program fits well with the core OS. Do you want to start a call or email from a BIRT report? No problem. Do you want to show BIRT your content at the best angle? The viewer is aware and will automatically turn to show the contents in the best light. Would you like to easily restore or refresh the content list on the homepage? Simply shake the device. All of this is possible, thanks to the original iPhone app base BIRT Mobile.

When you install the application, you must experiment with a collection of sample content that shows the power and width of BIRT. Search Twitter; view stock reduction chart with drilling information; Check out BIRT Mobile news. All this BIRT content is interesting, even fun, but that's only the beginning. The viewer is easy to set to point to other available BIRT iServer, which describes user-specific content on your workforce. The mobile phone will have guaranteed access to all content that they are entitled to on the iServer target.

BIRT Mobile platform includes both viewer and server-based application form Actuate Mobile Framework. If you already have an iServer or iServer Express installation, you can send an automated Mobile Framework and enable any BIRT content. The Actuate Mobile Framework allows each iServer user to select content that they want to access through their mobile devices. This allows for a focused and effective mobile experience that is unique to all users.

Mobile client is also a fully integrated BIRT onDemand experience. Upload a BIRT design or document to your OnDemand account and quickly insert it into your mobile phone using the context menu on the document.

Why not rent a single platform designed to give you exactly what you need, when you need it, where you are? Let the BIRT Mobile Viewer cut the cord and put the power of BIRT and iServer into your pocket.

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