How to upgrade and resolve iPad Apps

Your iPad will let you know if there are updates to the apps you've purchased. It is best to update the application when upgrades are available. App updates usually have bugfixes and introduce new features. App updates are also available for current app version.

When your iPad needs to be upgraded, you'll see a red dialed number in the App Store icon. The number in the red circle is the number of applications you need to be shipped. Not only will the iPad notify you whether the programs need to be upgraded, you'll see the same red circle in iTunes too.

To update your app on iPad, follow these steps:

1) Tap the App Store icon to see which applications need updating.

2) Tap the name of the application you want to update. Or you can update everything by clicking the "Update All" button.

3) Your iPad will prompt you for your iTunes password. Enter it and the iPad will start downloading updates

Update from iTunes

1) To see which applications are available, click on the application icon in iTunes

2) You will be presented a list of applications that have updates available. You can also click the Install All Updates button in the top right corner.

3) iTunes will download all files to update your app.

4) Your iPad applications will be updated the next time you sync your iPad with iTunes.


IOS applications found on iPad and iPhone are among the best apps around. Incidentally problems happen. This article is designed to help trouble shoot general iPad applications. For programs specific errors, it is recommended that you contact the programmer or support device.

If you're having trouble with iPad, help you. Try some of the following solutions:

1) Search for updates. Many applications are launched on the market with known defects. Probably you are not the only one with problems.

2) Restart iPad. When you install big apps or many applications, it's a good idea to reboot the iPad. Restarting by making a soft reset forces you iPad to recharge your operating system with all the changes you've made.

3) Remove and reinstall the application. Sometimes errors occur in download and installation. By removing and installing the software you

contacted the Apple Support Department

Many times there are errors due to the iTunes account release. You can call Apple directly or send an email. Toll Free Number is (800) 275-2273. Online support can be found by visiting or clicking on the support link on Huune's website.

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