How to turn iPhone picture picture postcards

I like fast snapshots like this on my iPhone. I like to turn pictures into cards to send to friends and family. (Send cards – a service that makes it really easy, literally saved my contacts with non-urban relatives …)

It's a mistake so far, I could not figure out how to make big enough my iPhone's picture resolution cards.

The trick is to cut the image and then paste it into an email you send it to. This requires iPhone 3.0 software.

Here are step by step how to turn these iPhone into flash cards:

1. Take a picture with your iPhone. For best results – turn the phone side to take off the picture in landscape mode. If you take a picture in portrait mode – you can cut it later in your favorite photo editor)

2. Instead of sending you an email from the camera (which reduces resolution) – put your finger on the photo and leave it there for a few seconds to see a small gray box that contains a copy. Touch the check box and the photo will be copied.

3rd Use the email application on your iPhone – Create a message for yourself. Touch the body of the message. Keep it for a few seconds and get a magnifying glass and then a small box that says paste. Click the insertion field. Your picture will be great in glory in the email. Click Send.

4th Sign in to the Send cards account.

5th Go to the picture plus the main editor of the card editor

6. Upload your picture. (if you decide on a page, you must edit the photo to be in the landscape.)

7. Add subtitles, borders, anything, and save the card.

8th The card will be available in the card's editing cards.

See, it was not that easy. Now you can send all the great pictures of your life to people who appreciate the hard copies of photos 🙂

Source by Meredith Eisenberg

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