How to transfer applications and songs from iPod Touch to iPad

You have some cool apps or favorite songs on iPod touch and now you get a new iPad 2, you may want to transfer them from iPod touch to the new iPad and this step-by-step guide will show you how to do it with iTunes. This way works for both Windows and Mac. It's easy to understand, even you're a computer that a novice can see with it.

Transfer program from iPod touch to iPad

Step1. The first time you place the iPad into your computer, iTunes will allow you to sign up. Just follow the iTunes Guide, it's easy to list the iPad.

Step 2. When you have completed the registration, disconnect the iPad and plug in iPod Touch and make sure you have it copied and synchronized. Just right-click the iPod Touch in iTunes and click Back Up. You'll see the progress on the top of iTunes when you copy your iPod apps.

Step3. When the backup is complete, go ahead and delete the iPod sniper.

Step 4. Connect your iPad to a computer, click on an application and select the box next to Sync Apps and then the Sync Apps.

Step5. And then you can choose the applications you want to transfer from iPod touch to iPad and organize the pages.

Step 6. When you have the applications you want to select, click on the synchronization and wait for the process to complete. The time taken depends on how much applications you want to migrate. That's all. After synchronization, you should be good at going. Just disconnect it and start using your apps on iPad.

Transfer songs from iPod to iPad

If your iPod songs are also in your iTunes library, just sync iPad with iTunes, the songs will be automatically transferred to iPad.

If you buy songs on an iTunes application on iPod touch directly, you can connect iPod to computer and then click iTunes & # 39; File -> Transfer Purchases & # 39; to copy the songs from iPod back to the computer and then restore the songs back to the iPad.

If the songs are not on your iTunes, and also the songs are not purchased from iTunes Store, such as CDs, downloading of web pages etc. You can use iPod transfer to copy songs from iPod to PC. It also has a Mac version. I've scanned it with a Norton protector, it's safe without viruses and spyware.

1. Download and install iPod Transfer, connect iPod to PC, and then run the application. The iPod transfer will search the iPod automatically; Your iPod files (songs / movies / playlists / images) appear in the list.

2. Select the tracks you want to move and click the Export button.

3. After you click Export, it will pop up a window to let you choose where the songs you want to save. Select Export to iTunes and click OK, the program will start copying the songs, that's all. IPod Transfer for Mac is similar to the Windows version, so I do not repeat the steps here, I'm sure you can see it.

For more iPod tips, refer to this iPad FAQ and Directions .

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