How to track your mobile phone

Do you think only spies are able to track mobile phone activity on secret missions? Even if you are not a spy, you can easily track cell phones. There are many ways to track mobile phones. There's also free software on the web to make simple tracking. Here are some ways to help and guide you to track your mobile phone.

The first method is to use the Google Latitude app. This is a free service that keeps track of your contacts by finding mobile phones and then showing those people's location on Google Maps. However, you will need to download and install this Google App on your computer or mobile phone. The hard part of this method is that everyone should first understand that they are tracking you or willing to track it. The good thing is that you do not need a GPS compatible phone to use Google Latitude and track people.

This feature can be used for cellular tower, GPS and WIFI access points as well. People who want to track your mobile phone will send you an email invitation. This allows them to track their mobile phone through Google Latitude. The user can accept the invitation or not. Google Latitude lets you track your own phone tracking. You can also disable the trace permission if you do not want to reveal your location at certain times. The method in this method is to forget to turn off Google Latitude when you want or want to. This is not so useful for those who want to remain anonymous while others are following.

You can also use a GPS capable cell phone that can be installed with tracking software. The software allows the end user to track and inform the user of the phone that he / she will follow. There are many services that are free on the web for simple mobile tracking, some of which are better than others and offer more tracking options. There are also legitimate applications that allow parents and employers to track their children and their employees. This software may also be useful if you lose or steal your own mobile phone. Easily track your mobile phone using this type of mobile phone tracking software.

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