How to Tell Your iPhone and iPod

Separation of the iPhone and iPod is really relevant and in the longer term more understandable, especially when it comes to entertainment and your choice or need.

What is the iPhone and what is the iPod?

The iPhone and iPod are very similar to some aspects, and may even be confusing if you can not tell which of these two devices you want. With the comparisons shown here, you can safely go to any store and purchase your purchase while enjoying your investment benefits right away.

There is nothing so embarrassing and disgusting when buying an item or a device and returning to a completely different and strange thing in its possession – you can not only use it for the purpose of making a further return to return to the place of purchase – the most stringent bookkeeping.

First, although a iphone and an iPod are all handheld; both widths are the same (24 inches); both support video playback of MOV, h.264, m4v, and MP4 file formats, and both support iTunes where similarities are over.

For music lovers, iPod audio features or features such as Apple Lossless, AAC, WAV, MP3, and AIFF outperform your MP3 and AAC iPhones.

The iPhone is worth less than 4.8ounce than iPod on 5.5ounce; combines mobile phones, Internet browsers and iPods as a tool. The iPhone has less capacity than 4Gb, 8Gb, and 16Gb compared to an iPod with 30Gb, 80Gb, and 120Gb memory

Even with the disadvantage or limit on the memory location, the iPhone spends more than an iPod.

The iPhone is basically a mobile phone and an iPod built-in or combined with a device. The iPod mobile phone features built-in wireless features such as Wi-Fi, EDGE and Bluetooth; bigger screen and larger screen resolution (320X480, 160ppi) compared to the iPod (320X420).

The iPhone has a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera for capturing images and photographs.

Depending on your preference, choosing between iPhone and iPod can no longer be a challenge. Any choice between these two devices will surely satisfy your satisfaction with your entertainment and / or communication needs and now you know how to tell the differences between iPhone and iPod.

Source by Tosin Ajibowo

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