How to synchronize your computer, smartphone and tablet computer

A few years ago, commercial cars used laptops while working or using laptops while in the office and used similar computers than at home. Maybe the state BlackBerry also. Today, almost any smartphone, regardless of whether it runs iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 or even OS OS. In different cases, you can carry a computer that uses a different operating system than your smartphone. And you could also have ultralight MacBook Air on your Windows PC at home or in the office as well.

To control these important devices, as well as their varied OS, applications, including their connection choices, can be challenging.

What to synchronize?

Before downloading a cloud of cloud-based applications, be sure to submit your needs. For example, if you often work at home and you are not attending a meeting often, it will not be necessary to synchronize your calendar with many devices. But if you're a promising writer or creative creator, consider ways to log in on a regular basis of ideas electronically. But if you are working on a joint venture, it would be necessary to share a selection of documents with your colleagues.

The important thing is to know which of your forums needs to share data and what types of data are sharing. Such as, Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 that you only use as email and browser tools; You will not get access to work information, even if you use it as an explanation.

While your business is in the business environment, your company's policy needs to be taken into account. IT instructors would usually give instructions on what kind of information the company wants in the cloud instead of their own servers. Make sure you contact the IT department if you are going to share potentially sensitive or proprietary data on the ground.

The conclusion is that your integration will vary depending on your activity, how often you travel and what device you are with.

Browser Synchronization

Sometimes you do not create documents, but you surf a lot. Luckily you can now sync bookmarks, passwords, including other information through the forums with all major browsers. One of the most transparent browsers is Google Chrome and with a Gmail account, you only need to enable Chrome sync under the & # 39; Personal & # 39; tab.

Firefox is a bit difficult to synchronize: You must enter a separate password on any system that you want to enable Firefox Sync. There is a sufficient amount of frustration and therefore it is generally unpopular.

You can also synchronize Internet Explorer bookmarks, but you need to have Windows Live Mesh downloaded and installed. Transparent, Live Mesh also allows you to share additional settings: such as synchronization Office templates across computers, including also synchronizing important folders with Windows Live SkyDrive, cloud storage service from Microsoft.

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