How to sync iPhone with Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar?

You can sync your iPhone with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. The process is quite simple. Outlook Calendar can be synced with iTunes software, while iCal syncs Google Calendar with your iPhone.

Using iTunes to sync your iPhone with your Outlook calendar:

• Open iTunes.
• Update to the latest version (recommended). To do this, click on the help menu in the header and select "Check for Updates".
• Connect the iPhone cable to the computer.
• Now select iPhone as a source list and click on the "Info" tab.
• Select "Sync Outlook Calendar" and press "Apply".
• Your computer synchronizes your calendar with your iPhone using the software settings.

With iCal, you can sync your iPhone with Google Calendar:

1. Step: Select a private Google Calendar title from your Google Account

• Log in to your Google Account with your username and password.
• If authentication is successful, visit the Google Calendar page.
• Now select the calendar you want to synchronize with the left-side down arrow.
• Select "Share This Calendar" from the drop-down menu.
• Then click the "Calendar Details" tab.
• Find the "Private Address" section at the bottom.
• Then click the green button "iCal".
• A popup window will appear showing the URL of the private address of your Google Calendar.
• This is a very important link as it provides full access to the calendar. Do not share this contact with anyone else.
• Select the URL and press "CTRL + C" to copy the clipboard.

2nd Step iCal Software Procedure

• Launch the iCal application.
• Select "Calendar" from the top menu and click on the "Subscribe" button.
• Paste the private address you just copied to the clipboard using "CTRL + V".
• Click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to the iPhone in your personal calendar.
• An information window opens where you need to enter the name and write a brief description of the calendar.
• Now you can choose what to import. For example, you can choose whether to import attachments / alerts, while importing "To Do Items".
• You must now set the automatic update time interval to determine how often iCal will update your Google Calendar.
• Press the "OK" button and you will see the calendar items in the left pane of the "iCal" window.
• During the next synchronization, calendar items are synchronized.

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