How to Start Your Own Tire Installation Service Company

You could start with your own tire installation service for your business and be in business for yourself! You can offer your services by contacting a particular retailer, in your neighborhood. Talk to them and let them know, you want to start your own business and you want a discount on their tires if you become a regular customer for them and better than their competition on the street.

Tire goods are just about everywhere these days! Everyone needs a tire in the end, just no way around it, and that's good for you! It's a hassle, because most people take their car in a tire dealer, sometimes wait forever if they are busy, and then get malicious services and hidden extra costs, almost all the time.

If you are concerned about your customers, you will do well! If your customer had to pay $ 500 for a set of tires from the same vendor, just enter an agreement to get them, for example, $ 400, then you would get $ 100 on it and then if you set them up, And charge another $ 100 for that, you could make $ 200 in just one or two hours! Walk around the neighborhood and look at the cars you see in the tunnel or on the road. You might have thrown some car in America and watch the tires of cars when you go. Cars with bald tires will be your best customers!

Let them know you're concerned about everything. In the beginning you can come home, put the car on a jacket, take the tires to the dealer's tire, put them on the new tires and take them back and put them back on their car and the customer will be happy that they did not even have to To leave the house!

You may later, after you have more experience and a better truck, you could have your own tire machine and tire yourself, right in the back of your car and take the tires up front, for your customers, then your car Is not up for a long time. You want labels that are created for your vehicle and issue business cards to all the cars you see with bald tires!

Source by Vince Stead

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