How to Speed ​​Up My Laptop – 3 Secrets to Speed ​​Up Your Computer

Do you need to know the answer to "How can I do my laptop faster"? It's not surprising, because Windows-based computers, like ever, are still getting slower in just a few months. In this article, I will show you how to combat the effects of time and keep Windows running faster and longer.

Disabling Startup Programs

The brand new PC startup time (the time elapsed between power on and use) is about 30 seconds. But after a few months of use, which can easily go for a minute. I saw 5 year old PCs that now take about 5 minutes to work!

The reason is that when more and more new programs are installed, many would like to load themselves in memory before opening them! You will do this when you start your computer, so everything is slow until you wait for a moment. Check out these icons in the bottom right corner? Companies use this place instead of branding instead of functionality, and the net effect is that you lose!

Go to Start, Run, and type "msconfig". You can disable startup programs from here to your heart.

Getting rid of glare graphics

Even from Windows XP, the box is too brilliant, not to mention Vista. However, you can restore the appearance and appearance of the Windows system by default. In reality, it is more functional and you don't have to wait until the stupid animations finish when the menus are moving around.

This is located under Windows Performance. They are hidden from the road, but if you right-click on "My Computer" and go to "Properties", you need to find this option. This really makes the laptop faster.


Yes, you probably already know this. But still as important as ever. Did you remove the hard drive? Windows PCs happen automatically with defrag software these days. Subsequently, the hard disk read / write performance needs to be significantly improved.

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