How to set up Microsoft Outlook Express to use Exchange?

This article describes how to use Microsoft Exchange to deploy Microsoft Outlook Express. The methods described here are reliable and simple. However, we recommend that you follow and carefully perform these steps to avoid confusing Outlook Express issues. This will save you a lot of time.

Want to set Microsoft Outlook Express to use Microsoft Exchange? Do you know the proper procedure for this? If not, do not worry. A complete Microsoft Outlook Express setup guide for setting up your email client for Microsoft Exchange.


Before you start, you'll need to enter valid emails. These include email address, password, incoming and outgoing mail server data, and port numbers, and so on. If the detail is missing, please contact your ISP and / or the Exchange Office with the Outlook Express installation data.

Open Outlook Express from the Start menu> All Programs or the shortcut on the desktop. Select the Devices tab and select Accounts. When you open the Internet Accounts window, select the Mailing tab. press the Add button and select Mail from the extended menu. Enter your full name or the desired expression in the box next to Display Name, and then press Next.

Since you already have an account, check the box next to it. I already have an email address I want to use and enter your email address completely in the E-mail address field. To continue, press Next. Selecting HTTP from the pull-down arrow next to My Inbox is a _ server and specifying the incoming and outgoing mail server data in the appropriate fields. Touch Next.

If a window appears asking you to select the My HTTP Mail Service provider, click Other from the options and press Next. Enter the valid account name and password in the appropriate fields in Microsoft Exchange Server, and then press Next. Press Finish to exit the Internet Accounts Wizard window. To download the new mail server, press Yes.

New Account –

The entire procedure remains the same. Go to I already have an email address I want to use and configure my email account to work in the same way as the Exchange Server. If you want to view the email account settings or re-configure it, if it does not work, go to Tools> Accounts. Highlight the Mail tab and press the Properties button on the right. Review all settings. e-mail address, password and server information, etc. Press the More Settings button and check the other settings. When you are done, press Apply and then OK to return to the Internet Email Settings window. Press Next and then Finish to exit the window.

Additional Tips:

You can choose any server from the available one. IMAP, HTTP, POP3. However, you must have complete server information about which server type you will use. If you encounter any difficulty with using Microsoft Outlook Express with Exchange Server, even though you have completed the entire procedure, contact the online technical support at

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