How to send free text messages on iPhone with Safari Browser

If you're like me, there are text messages every day and you consider it more necessary than just an iPhone option. I do not know what it is, but text or text is really addictive and easier than calling.

The only problem with text messaging is that it can get very expensive, very fast and before. You know, you're over the limit of the wireless program. At the beginning of the month or moratorium on iPhone, you say to yourself, "I'm not going to text over 200 times this month," but low and see the monthly down the road get your account and you have 350 text messages. There are 150 over 200 text messages you get with the AT & T standard program, which is 150 extra text messages with 10 sent pieces that makes your account $ 15 dollars or more than it has to be.

It really can make a goose into your wallet if you do not get your text message under control or find an alternative and if you're greedy text messaging like me, you know that when you get used to using text messages instead For Make calls, you do it more often and often. Actually, text messages have become so popular that mobile phone singing has been removed memory or the second option to send text messages.

Like a dedicated text message and penny pincher, I'm tired of finding a way to pay for crossing my text message and I do not want to change my wireless plan and pay more money, so I did Some research and found this website Joopz .

This website, which you can access through your browser browser on iPhone, will allow you to send free text messages that can save a lot of money depending on how much you use text monthly.

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