How to save money on iPhone's mobile phone service?

Are you one of those people who love your iPhone, but do not like the price paid monthly for mobile phone services? Could you go with another company? Can you save money?

If your contract expires and you want to save money, here's how to help Wow Mobile. Wow Mobile is the new division of Liberty International, the pioneer of VOIP technology. They offer unlimited voices, SMS and internet at low flat rates. Although Wow Mobile only sells Google Android phones, it offers SIM cards like any SIM-enabled phone, such as iPhone and Blackberry.

SIM Cards (Subscriber Identity Modules) are not widely known in the United States as many phones are locked, but 80% of mobile phones use SIM cards. This allows the same phone to be used in almost every country. In many countries, I used the same phone only by changing SIM cards.

In addition, there is no contract. You do not end the two-year obligation. The company is so confident about the value of their plans that they do not have to lock people into a contract. If you choose to receive Wow Mobile and two months later decide to switch to another company (not officially), you will be free. No early termination fee or contract.

But it'll be even better. You can get your cell phone service for free. How is it possible? Just show three other people to Wow Mobile and your service is free. Where is the free mobile phone service anywhere else in the world? If you find it, let me know.

So if you have an iPhone and you want to save $ 50 or more for your mobile phone monthly, get a SIM card from Wow Mobile and start saving money.

Source by Gary Benton

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