How to run windows on your mac

Many people who use OS X operating systems need to use Windows for various reasons. Some people need to use applications that are only compatible with Windows computers, but still enjoy the functionality of their Macs. People talk about dual operating systems of many operating systems on their computers, or using Apple Bootcamp to run Windows on an Apple computer. These people simply have not heard of Parallels software for OS X.

Parallels Desktop 7 allows you to run Windows built-in OS X as your own window. This amazing software allows you to still use all of the great features of OS X, yet you can run your required Windows applications within your own loyal window. All other software, including Bootcamp, requires the user to restart the entire computer every time they want to use either OS X or Windows. This can be a problem and very time consuming when you need to switch back and forth. By analogy, you can do all your tasks in OS X, simply open the Parallels window to use your Windows applications.

This is a perfect virtualization solution for running multiple operating systems. Simultaneously, do not restart, do not shut down and no downtime when switching. Windows is always running in the background while Parallels is open, so you always have easy access. Not only that, but you can even switch files from one operating system to another. Parallels is simply the best virtualization and automation software solution for all Mac users looking to use windows without buying a personal computer.

The parallel enhancements of the desktop support the new OS X Lion screen size and the project setting criterion, as well as support for the AES-NI encryption setting for Windows and easier sharing of printers.

Parallels made even $ 20 Parallels iOS app in the Apple App Store that allows you to access both Mac OS X and Windows files, as well as Mac OS X, from iPad or iPhone! The previous Parallels app for iPhone and iPad made it just for a Windows virtual machine. Of course, virtual desktop teachers to run Mac OS X on iOS are easy to find and they are good free ones, so the main values ​​of Parallels & # 39; The increased iOS app is a unified virtual desktop. This new mobile version of the software allows you to control both Mac and Windows virtual machines, instead of just Windows VMs in existing versions. You also have access to audio, and you can copy and paste information from the Windows virtual drive directly to the clipboard on your iOS device! This makes Parallels even more useful than it has always been.

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