How to Replace Your Purse With an iPhone Wallet Case

Ladies, how often do you go shopping, and really hate having a big heavy purse around? In this article I'm going to show you how to replace your purse with an e-Vibe iPhone Wallet Case. This is a sleek looking case that will enable you to carry the essential items that you would normally carry in your purse.

first Open the case to see all of the room. From the outside it may not appear that this case has many features, but in fact it has a ton of features on the inside. You will find a place to store all of your essential items.

2nd Find the ID card and credit card slots located within the iPhone Wallet Case. You can store a few different credit cards, as well as your driver's license. This will make for a fun day of shopping!

3rd Locate the currency pocket as well as the zippered coin pouch of the case. You will find a great place to store dollar bills, as well as a good place to put all your loose change. Often times this stuff gets stuck at the bottom of your purse, but with this case it is no longer a problem.

4th Find the quick accessory pocket located on the outside of the iPhone Wallet Case. This compartment is normally used for cellular phone accessories, but it is also a great place to store things like lipstick, makeup, etc.

5th Last but not least place your cellular phone within the universal mobile device pocket of the case. Not only will it hold a traditional iPhone, but it will also hold other popular mobile devices such as a blackberry, iPod Touch, and many other phone and device models.

You've got everything you need for a great day of shopping with the iPhone Wallet Case!

Source by Scott L Quarterman

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