How to replace the iPhone Battery?

Iphone fans are very worried about how to replace iphone batteries. This is a great relief because unlike other mobile phones, the iPhone battery is visibly soldered inside the device and can not be replaced by the owner. It does not intend to replace users.

Consumer Stakeholder Groups are Apple Inc.'s Battery Replacement program for iPhone while developers and hackers are trying to figure out how to expand the gadget's ability.

When crossed mobile phones, iPod media players, digital cameras and wireless Internet browsing devices started, customers complained that they were left in the dark during the operation and the gadget battery. Apple then quickly uploaded the battery on the Internet after the product was placed on the market. The procedure is similar to the company's best-selling iPod players.

If users have an electrical charge capacity of the iPhone battery expired, iPhone must provide a battery service to Apple. The service will cost $ 79 for users and $ 6.95 for shipping, and will take up to three business days. If you can not live without iPhone, Apple will also be able to borrow $ 29 for iPhone while it's under your budget. All the data stored on the iphone will be clear when it passes through the service process. It's there before it's important to synchronize your iPhone and iTunes with contacts, photos, email account settings, text messages, and so on. To save your security. Apple claims that it is not liable for the loss of information while servicing the iPhone and does not offer data transfer services. We also advise you not to send any accessories to your iPhone for battery service.

Since July 2007, third-party batteries are available at a much lower price than Apple's own battery replacement program. These sets often consist of a small screwdriver and instructions for use, but like many new iPod models, the original iPhone battery is soldered. Therefore, a soldering iron is required to install the new battery. This is not the case with the iPhone 3G, as it uses another battery with a connector.

Many people question why Apple anticipated its mobile phone service prices and many other features of the iPhone that surrounded the lines on the screen in different countries across the country, but could not distinguish iPhone battery and repair costs. The iPhone will cost $ 499 or $ 599, depending on when the model came into circulation and requires at least a two-year $ 60 monthly service plan for AT & T. So everyone is surprised by Apple & how it rejects the general practice of allowing replacement items to be purchased.

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