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Set mobile app pricing is by no means less important than choosing how it will work. If you have a great app, how will you rate it? If we take the Apple App Store and Google Play, we see that they have different methods of free / paid apps and monetization. For example, App Store apps are priced at $ X.99 ($ ​​0.99, $ 1.99, $ 2.99, etc.). If we cross Google Play, the situation is different, but the price tag can show $ 0.99 and $ 1.23. But whatever the price, both Google and Apple account for 30% of revenue.

– The biggest obstacle is our own perception of paid applications. In reality, it's just a cup of coffee; In mobile phones it's an expensive mobile app. Therefore, pricing is one of the most challenging problems of software owners. Some try to sell programs on the dollar or two to get market share; some are going to put a bigger price. Once too high, the starting price can drive people away from the application. When it is too low you can raise it in the future, it can lead to the same result. While it's easy to change the price both up and down, you need to make a baseline original to heat your initial interest.

– The most obvious thing to do first is to analyze the prices of similar programs and features offered. There is always something your application does not have, but others do; or something your application has while others do not. The registration features of various applications and their comparison can help you get the best price. If your application offers more than one competitor, will you charge more or do you want to put the same price tag for better software to make it even more attractive?

– Please pay attention to similar free programs. They mark a risk for paid applications, especially when their value comes close to equal. Many people are willing to spend a lot of time looking for free just not paying these dollars or two.

– Continue your policy. You can offer premium applications for a special user group and charge high prices. Or maybe you want to offer an app of highest transparency for the lowest price? Or maybe you have something else in your mind? You must show that your application is better and it's more than worth it.

– When it comes to paid applications, it's expected to cost up to $ 4. When apps cost more, their features need to be very impressive in terms of numbers and quality.

– It is usually better to adjust the inflation rate and reduce if needed than otherwise. In order to do this, the Quality Score must be the highest – which requires a bad program? Create the following, measure sales and see if you need to lower prices. However, when you start low and go higher, it can easily cause negative responses to users.

– On the other hand, the average app price drops, whatever the scene. Generally, iOS users are much more willing to pay than Android users who have a lot of Google services by default, free and convenient. Google Play is also inclined to offer free apps.

– Purchases and subscriptions are often selected on the way to download once for applications. What's interesting, there are many things to charge for and the price is often very high. It is particularly prominent for the game category. The total amount of such prices will go to a mile higher than usual & # 39; & # 39; up to four dollars & # 39; & # 39;. This method is more attractive because users can try out the application for free before you ever pay for it.

– & # 39; & # 39; Free for a limited time & # 39; & # 39;. & # 39; & # 39; Price reductions for this weekend only & # 39; & # 39;. These two sentences will then let us review through descriptions of applications. And these are sentences that work. In fact, many appointees offer this opportunity to attract potential users, either comparing it with a summer holiday, another special day or simply this weekend. There is a number of benefits that you can get here. First, there are specialized websites that make daily reports of price reductions and programs that are free. It's time people start downloading the app and write reviews on blogs.

When you need to set prices, it's important to find the exact balance. Software owners have different definitions of a successful mobile app, different thoughts and hopes of revenue. People pay for solutions that are) high quality and b) useful. Both things are like nothing else. The price should seem not high, not low, but fair. Perhaps a small survey could help you decide how much people would pay for the program. Attempting to price, do not be stagnant. If your application is designed for a particular country or territory, consider the market's specificity. What's also important, try to set your own expectations, not just the expectations of users.

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