How to Position yourself as an iPhone App Designer

When you look at the iPhone apps in the App Store, you will notice a large number of different marketing actions. We will look at price structure, market performance, quality index, market segment versus mass and whether the app is part of the current flood of the same applications or is unique and different. One way to look at the market is by looking at what prices other developers offer.

Free Apps

There are various explanations why applications are given away for free. The developer may potentially take advantage of a free iPhone app as a demographic type of a program based on a fee that developers want to connect with potential customers before they need to purchase the application. Most programs are created so that customers receive support from a banking institution, social networking, online gaming platform, medical device or issue. There are applications that are free for customers, but companies must purchase an additional version of the application. Another reason why free apps are available is because the developer is creating a large subscriber base so that in the future, those who downloaded the free application will convert into paid subscribers.

Market Value

Another way to break the iPhone application market is by checking what the application is designed for. Adds the application the current need, makes room for better improvements to the current application, it creates a new demand or trend that was overlooked that supports different aspects of conversion or was simply created for bragging rights or pleasure.

Quality Score

Many of the applications in the app store look very well in a professional design but do not work as they assume. There are a lot of iPhone apps that were created or developed for iPhone by major companies that work late. It's a thin line like premium app works and how professional looking applications work. There are iPhone applications like games that do not have the best graphics but can be very fun, exciting and addictive to play.

Niche Market vs Mass

There are certain programs that are created for the niche market and there are programs created for the masses. Common mistakes most developers do not understand is creating a niche app for a certain niche does not necessarily mean they have limited potential. Based on a particular niche, the most difficult way to attract and engage with new customers is to be considered as an appropriate and expert in that niche. The perfect examples of applications in the app store that cater to a particular niche are the programs in the health field.

Many apps available today on iPhone were large products somewhere else. More people buy iPhone because more and more people use the phone more than just receiving calls, but use the phone as a device. Companies notice this trend and are branding and marking their products through the iPhone to extend and maintain their application on the iPhone platform.

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