How to play movies on an Apple Mac computer?

I have a question when someone asked how to "play movies on Apple's computer". The answer depends on what it means to play movies.

This is because I'm mentioning that the person who just asked me wanted to know "how to play movies on Apple's computer" and did not mention that a DVD movie on the Internet or a video file ( or film) on a web site. Depending on what they mean, the answer is a bit different.

First, it is assumed that when they said "playing movies on Apple's computer" means that they are a DVD movie.

Well, this is a very simple answer: any Mac (Apple computers are named Mac, some models like iMac, MacBook, etc.) In the past few years, you can play DVDs. 99% of the time, just hit the DVD in the drive and the DVD player automatically opens and starts playing the movie.

The worst case is to open the hard drive, open the Applications folder, locate the DVD player file and double-click it and the movie will be played. It is very rare that you have to do more than the DVD in your drive.

So another possible report on "Movies on Apple Computer" will be a movie that you downloaded from the Internet. There are plenty of different types of video files (the video only shows movies, or a movie) that you send via email or download from a web site.

If you want to play movies or TV shows that you have purchased from the iTunes Store, iTunes will play the movie itself using Quicktime. Quicktime is an Apple-designed program that applies to both Apple Mac computers and Windows computers and comes automatically with iTunes.

Quicktime plays many different types of video files, so one way is to play movies on your Apple computer. If you have a movie file that you have received via e-mail or saved from a website, Quicktime will probably play it and is already installed on all Apple-produced computers.

There are exceptions, so if you do not double-click a video file (movie) and the Quicktime error message, then another option is the free VLC player.

VLC Player is a free program that plays almost all video files that you can download from the Internet, personally this is your favorite way to play movies on your Apple computer. VLC Player is also available for Windows.

Finally, if the person who asked how to play movies on Apple's computer talks about playing the movie on a website, then Quicktime will work for many of these movies and VLC can do the trick ( although in the past there have been problems to film movies that are "embedded" on websites).

One of the most popular ways to post videos on websites is in Flash format. Flash Player is free and is already installed on most computers. Over time, however, this seems to be replaced by the term "HTML5" that allows your web browser to play videos without having to add Flash Player or other "browser add-ons".

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