How to never lose money with paid ads

You are about to read something that has never been seen before.
Practical lesson on how to never lose money by using small classified ads.

I like classified ads. Why?

1) You can start beer money

2) They offer high value.

For £: $ 100, you can put an advertisement in national paper by about 3.6 million.

3) It strikes licking stamps.

Faith You Must Keep Before Trying To Make Money With Advertising

1) All life is speculative.

All ads are hypotheses; There are no insurance.

2) Your winner's milk

3) If it does not work for the first time; forget it.

Accessing the game such as future trade, anyone who offers a commodity price

1) Have a startup bank (advertisement) for your project, former; 5000 pounds / dollars.

2) Save 2% of this bank (up to 150 pounds, dollars, euros) on one reclassified.

Most advertising activities are quick and easy

Remember the rules above.

1) Did your ad know money? If so, go to another version.

2) Did your ad show advertising costs? Humm, not good enough. Run the same ad in different media.

3) Did your ad make money? How much money?.

If your return is double advertising costs, take half and run the same ad again in the same media.
(Ad that returns dual advertising costs is well advertised)
If more than double advertising costs are half and put a larger ad in the same edition.
Do this until your ad stops. Continue.

Key Points

Copy written expert tells you a brilliant classified ad is all you need to make tons of money.
In reality, there is success with classified ads for limiting damage.
The main listen to & # 39; experts & # 39; and set their hopes to make destiny generate one ad.
They put so much in bet on one ad.
When they fail to tear, they get upset and surrender.
But the rules tell you that no insurance is available.

Classifieds are the odds of games like future trading.
Put some mortgage until you find publications that make you money.
Swing bat often enough and you have to hit a home run.

In my experience;
When you place an ad for a first time, they are the price you say the percentage you pay.
No haggling.
Haggling comes after you run your first ad.
And they want more of your money.
The ball is in your court now.
Ads are charged;
on word
on line
on each column centimeters.

Larry Hite, a futuristic interview in this great book, & # 39; Market Wizards & # 39; says it best.

1) If you do not bet you can not win

2) If you lose all your chips, you can not bet "

19659002] Follow the rules here and you will succeed in classified ad marketing but the majority will fail. 19659029]

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