How to naturally overcome the refractory period?

Okay, it was just one of the best orgasms that had been around for a while, you turned your lady and lay there in bed and you didn't want to do something.

With your orgasm you provided your lady, but it hasn't happened yet. He starts playing with his penis, but the floppy disk is not going anywhere. She starts sucking on it, but she still has no erections.

Looking at you with a face like "what's going on with your dick?" … And when you get embarrassed and want you to be in you … you just can't get to know yourself again … and you don't feel like it.

Sex is the last thing in your head … eating or sleeping sounds like much better options …

But your daughter is not completely satisfied … again … weaker … but you can't do much .
Did this happen to you?

If yes, then you know the discomfort called men's refractive period … the above scenario has occurred to us several times … and the sucking is the least

The men's refractive period known as in-the-Ass

The vast majority of men have a refractory period. The refractory period is the one that has broken us. After we ejaculate, we lose our erection, our sexual drive disappears, our penis is very soft, and it takes time to be hard again.

This refractory period keeps us from performing sexually as we wish. Some men have firefighting periods stronger than others. This means they break better and face greater difficulties after getting an erection.

As we age, the refractory period is also increasing.

While young people can get an orgasm, and after a few minutes another erection takes place, an older person can take up to a day or so before getting on the orgasm again!

The refractive period is what distinguishes our orgasm from a female. While we feel that it disappears after orgasm, a woman does not have such a period.

Although an orgasm is still very satisfying for a woman, it just warms up and continues … as it is important for a woman to have multiple orgasms … is not good for their sexual performance.

How to Reduce the Refractory Period

There are some ways to reduce the refractory period.

Of course, increase testosterone production – One way to quickly overcome the refractory period is to naturally increase testosterone production. There are many things we can do to increase testosterone production, such as daily exposure to sunlight (bare back exposure works well for this, as strange as it sounds).

Dining broccoli also works well. It contains indoles that are used to increase the overall level of testosterone.

Increasing testosterone helps increase overall sexual appetite and libido. After ejaculation, sexual desire persists. This mental desire greatly helps to get up and stand up quickly. Without this desire, the erection does not want to work with you.
Erection Confirmation Practices – Another way to fight the refractory period is to perform erection confirmation exercises … there are a few options and none require medication.

Some of your muscles in your body, at the bottom / back of your penis. This includes PC / BC muscles and pelvic oscillation. With some kegel exercises you can strengthen these muscles and help build a stronger, longer erection.

There are also manual techniques that can improve penile blood flow, helping to reach full meetings faster.

The combination of increased testosterone levels, libido and improved erection quality can help reduce or completely overcome the refractory period.

How to completely abolish the period with multiple male orgasms?

Another option for fighting refractory material is the male multiple orgasm technique.

Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events simultaneously. You can separate the two.

With strong pcism and proper techniques, you can hold back ejaculation during orgasm. Ejaculation is the reason why you have a refractive time and lose your erection … not the orgasm. So with this technique you can maintain the oath after the orgasm, deleting the period. This allows you to continue to penetrate after its peak.

And the good news is that you can repeat the technique every time you ejaculate, allowing you to get multiple orgasms without losing the erection and keeping it permanently as long as you want. This technique is called male multiple orgasm .

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