How to make warhammer crystals

When you have a cool little or small base and you want to add more information about it. How would you like to add more information to improve their appearance. Well, I've got a reason to smile now, because the crystals are the best answer for it. Imagine your base that was added to the crystal on the sides, how cool can it be. This time you not only add the crystals to the war, but also put on sand and paint it to add variety. In this article, you will learn how to create Warhammer crystals that can be added to the station or any landscape.

Material List


-Holded Brush

-Sanding Paper

-PVA Glue (White Glue)

-Massage Paint

Step 1 Cut Your Sprues

It's no need to buy sprues in the store just extra sprues that you see in your workplace. Cut some small pieces of them, just make sure there are some clean marks or numbers that were on your spruesnum. Because the sprues usually come up with it. Crystals with some markings on it especially the numbers will look great. So you just have to double check the sprues that you will use for your crystals.

Step 2 Sand and Shape

When you have your sprues, start sharpening your sprues into crystal-shaped pieces. Imagine that you will put your sprues on the basics of your little warhammer, so the size will be rather small.

Step 3 Crystalline Crystalline Crystals

When you have sprues cut and shaped like crystals, bond a few crystals to a random area at your base or wherever you want.

Step 4 Glues

Next, brush a PVA glue (white glue) on the rest of the Warhammer station and sprinkle on fine sand. , and then after the ironing shake off too much sand that did not hold on the glue. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Step 5 Painting Crystals

When it's already dry it's time to paint your crystals. Begin by applying the first base coat to the color of your crystals. Just allows licheit purple color paint to be easily recognized. Next, dry brush warlock purple, and then tentacle pink. After a dry brush, give it a few minutes to dry, after adding a diaper ink. Make sure the water is down the blue ink, otherwise it will fill the crystal that separates you without visible undercoat.

Step 6 Paint the sand (optional)

I have time to add and still want to add more beauty to your warhammer, this suggestion can be done. You can paint the sand outside the crystals, to give a good contrast to your dry brush sand with a code of gray paint. Make sure you understand some of the natural colors that appear through. And finish it with light drying to brush some skull white.

Source by Matthew I. Glanfield

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