How to make iPhone programs and applications?

Want to develop an app for iPhone? These applications are an important way to collect money. If so, there are four ways to learn how to do this:

1. One thing you can do is to get the idea for the developer to build an application for you.

2nd You can use an online programming tool that requires few programs or not.

3rd You need to learn how to convert a program developed in HTML or another program to use the iPhone.

4th You can learn how to develop your own applications by learning all the programs and skills.

First, you have to decide whether you want to use a "web application" or "native application" after taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

If you continue, you need to know about apps.

What is a web application?

Web application is basically a web site specifically designed or modified for iPhone. You can use various tools to use an existing web site. This is based on Web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, etc. If you can create a web page, you can create a basic web application. You need a URL and a link, most features and hardware are not available for you. The web app is installed on the phone as a native application and is not available in the iTunes application store and is not included in Objective-C.


  • Web developers can use the tools and can change current web design and use existing development skills.
  • Not limited to Mac OS.
  • App can run on any device that has a browser such as Blackberry, Android, and so on.
  • Errors are fixed in real time and do not require users to upload revised versions of their phones.
  • The development cycle is much faster.


  • Hardware access is not available.
  • You need to develop your own payment system if you want to download the app.

What is native application?

A native application has been developed for the iPhone and is installed on the iPhone. The application includes all hardware, such as loudspeakers, accelerometers, cameras, etc. You can use. Available in the iTunes App store, which increases users' appeal. But it means apps must be submitted to apples and approved.


  • Excellent tools are available through the registration of Xcode, Interface Builder and Cocoa Touch.
  • You can get the excellent hardware features. Having considered these advantages and disadvantages, you must now decide how you want to move.

    1. Take the idea for the developer to build an app.

    Many developers work with you and create a program for your idea and register it in the application store. They are fully developing your native or web application for a prize, monthly fee, or profit sharing.

    2. You can use an online programming tool that requires only a small number of programs or not.

    You can use online tools that can create your own templates from your templates and from different devices, with any templates and tools. There are general online app builders that have been developed for general business and entertainment needs and are more concrete that target specific needs. Others allow developers to know HTML and Java scripts to write code with specific knowledge of development. It would be good if you know HTML, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, CSS, Python, PHP.

    3. Develop your own apps by embracing all your programs and skills.

    You may have to play different roles in programming skills and understand the iPhone system, researcher, creator, developer, entrepreneur, project manager, information architect, user information designer, accountant, developer, marketing and advertiser.

    You need a certain aspect to develop an iPhone application that includes:

    • You need to know what works and what does not work for existing systems.
    • You must have market research skills to find out what demand is.
    • Graphic and layout plan.
    • Graphic User Interface Designing and so on.

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