How to make Aloe Vera powder

Aloe Vera powder is easy to make with some materials and ingredients.

Since the gel is rapidly oxidized, prepare the following ingredients and additional ingredients: mixer, spoon, stainless steel cup, paring and vegetable kernel, sugar, vitamins C and E.

first Insert the cutting tool, cut off the wide edge of the Aloe Vera leaf you chose. It is a great advantage if you choose large leaves because the spiked edges are large and easy to remove, and a large amount of Aloe Vera gel can be obtained. Use a vegetable knife to cut the skin of the leaf. Mix the transparent gelatinous meat and place in a mixer. Always remember that the plant is quickly oxidized, so immediately follow the next steps.

2nd All 1/4 cups of gel should add 400 IU of vitamin E and 500 mg of powdered vitamin C to the mixer. Vitamin C and vitamin E are readily available in pharmaceuticals. You can open the vitamin E capsule and insert the powder into the mixer; you can break a vitamin C tablet with a spoon or vice versa. The effect of both vitamins is very useful because it gives health effects to the gel and can slow the oxidation process of the gel.

3rd Add one kilogram of sugar to each liter of gel. If you want less, you can use half a cup of sugar for every half a liter of extracted gel.

4th Mix the ingredients completely until cellulose gel is visible. Pour the gel into a stainless steel container. If cellulose gels remain, you can use a balloon to filter the gel when you pour it into the pot.

5th Heat the gel in the pot while stirring constantly to avoid combustion.

6th If the solution is difficult to stir up, get a spoon gel sample and cool for a few minutes. If the sample in the spoon becomes dust, it is the setting point.

7th Mix the heated gel to make the powder consistent.

8th Place the Aloe Vera powder in an airtight container and store it in a refrigerator or in a cool, dry place.

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