How to look for a person's mobile phone number (no backward search!)

Looking at a mobile phone number of an individual can be very difficult and even expensive in some cases. Quick search online for a reliable phone directory will likely lead you to either a "reverse phone search directory" or an expensive private investigation service that offers cell phone records.

A "reverse phone directory" is a search engine where you can search for a phone number to find billing name and address, and other mobile carrier information and account information.

Private advertisers who offer cell phone numbers files can be a laughy spendy. These phone number reports can even take up to a week to receive by email. I've seen some sites that offer one "Cell Phone Number Lookup" report for $ 179!

There are cheaper and reliable ways to find a mobile phone number of an individual that not many people know about. The reason is that mobile phone numbers are confidential and protected by law. Mobile phones directories are illegal for the most part and only legitimate directory directories have been tied to law enforcement and licensed investigators.

While mobile phone numbers are still protected by law, exclusive rights are legally legitimate. This is because the information is compiled, researched and maintained by private brokers who charge a small fee for their services. This is the same system that many expensive private researchers use to look up phone numbers.

It is easier to find a reverse mobile phone number file than a mobile directory where you search for mobile phone numbers by name.

The phone's best phone contacts are those that can not only view unregistered and mobile phone files, but you also have access to a national database that contains; Judicial reports, marriage and divorce, police and criminal codes, bankruptcy reports, asset records and other official information that can be used to achieve accurate and instant backgrounds.

The National Register for Mobile Phone Numbers or NRCPN is a fairly new mobile phone number file that has recently opened to the public. The mobile directory is one of the only jurisdictions where you can instantly search for mobile phone numbers in the US and Canada. You can also reverse search numbers to conveniently look up your owner information in the same location.

Source by Gary P. Thompson

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