How to know if your husband is watching sex behind you?

As a former addict of pornography, I want to help you identify certain behaviors that might indicate that he is in it. I can not guarantee that this is a complete list or that they mean that it is used, but they will help you notice behavior.

Does he have a personal computer that you can not use? Sometimes he will have a personal computer or laptop for which he is very protective. If he has a computer that he uses for entertainment or hobbies, and will not let anyone else use it, he could hide pornography. This is sometimes verified if it uses it privately, hide the screen and dislike what it uses the computer.

Does he often stay late on the computer after going to bed? My dad once said that no good happens when you stay around midnight. Anything done late at night on a computer is not generally good either. Try to see how long he spends on the computer by waiting or checking the internet. Ask him what he was doing and confirm it. If he sneaks out of bed at midnight, this is bad news. I used this when I needed to porn.

Is your smart phone, iPod or iPad limited to you? Being violent with one of these devices may be a sign that it involves pornography. These devices have a history like computers do, but they are personal tools for him. Like something unique to him, he will feel better and not delete history, and even bookmark or use programs that take him to porn as he likes. If he has nothing to hide, you could pick up his phone and he should not fool.

Does he stand your progress towards him to love? I'm not alone to turn my wife if she makes a first move. Generally, man makes the first move because he needs sex more than his wife does. If your husband regularly turns you down for sex, it may be because he has been deleted. The sexuality of man builds up until he gets released, then he begins to zero again. If he regularly uses porn, he will have no appetite for you and can play it as fatigue. If this is a frequent pattern, I would be suspicious.

When you love, does he recommend trying unusual or unpleasant things? Porn teaches men who women love to make men make crazy things for them. Porn also teaches men that women are there to serve a man. If your husband forces you to try new and unusual things that you do not want, he may learn them by looking at porn. It's ok to spice things up sometimes, but his concern should be your feelings and comfort.

There are other signs that your husband may use pornography but this list is not intended to be comprehensive. Secret and suspicious behavior as described above does not necessarily mean he's definitely using porn. Use better judgment and try not to jump on results.

If you're definitely using porn, work with him to help him stop because it's detrimental to your marriage.

Source by Roger Pike

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