How to increase your Smartphone's battery life

There are a few good ways to help you save battery power on your new smartphone!

First of all, you can limit the amount of battery power you do on your phone. Let's say you'll be out and need the phone all day, do not spend so much time talking on the phone or playing games. Such mobile apps will eat in the phone battery very fast.

Next, turn off the equation for people who listen to music while on the move. Sound quality may not be as great as enabled, but you will definitely be able to save more battery life on your phone this way.

If you have not already done so, turn off Bluetooth! Bluetooth increases the battery life very fast. Having turned it off will make wonders.

Turn off your location. A nice feature for most smartphones is built-in GPS, but this will soon drain the battery and simply turn off your phone for long-term working. If you really need a GPS service, all you have to do is turn on location service again.

Your phone can automatically update the mobile application you've downloaded and it actually takes up battery life passively without understanding it once. Make sure to disable this auto-update feature and update your mobile app downloads automatically when necessary.

You should turn on auto brightness so you do not lose electricity when in black areas and do not need much backlight from your phone. Alternatively, you can choose to reset the smartphone's brightness to a low level.

Dynamic backgrounds or wallpapers can look very cool and interesting. However, they use more power from the battery on the smartphone. If you remove it and replace it with a static background, it will help you save some battery life.

You can set the settings to turn off your smartphone display shortly and help you save the battery.

Many people do not know, but Wi-Fi consumes less power than 4G or LTE, it safely spends battery life! Therefore, always turn off Wi-Fi and only turn it on when needed.

The following are some tips to help you extend the lifespan of your phone and they really work! All you have to do is execute them.

Source by Alvin J Chua

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