How to Increase the Positive PR through iPhone Apps

In a crowded digital world, it's hard to get a message today. It's a really cool and so far unique way to break the mess to free a mobile iPhone application.

The iPhone applications are hot. So far applications have been limited to making cool things, such as tracking songs and finding where they parked the car. But there is a new trend that can be seen in new developer application categories:

  • Celebrities – Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and Madonna with their own applications
  • Politicians – Liz Carter US Congress, British Labor and UKIP Parties Own Applications
  • Hilton Hotels, Cameron Herold – Backpocket COO has its own applications

What does an iPhone application release do? Less than you think about both time and money. Using the software as a service, using special content management systems, applications can now be deployed to fourfold price ranges, depending on built-in features, and in a few weeks to deliver to the iTunes store.

What features can I add to the iPhone app? What about the following?

  • Showcase images and videos that you can dynamically change
  • Your blogs or other interesting RSS feeds
  • News and updates about events and videos
  • ] Upgrades directly at the top of the main screen, in the form of notifications and notifications, which contain incentives for action directly to the application users
  • Because applications are hot, your iPhone app works properly with the subject of a press release. And only with his own application, he regarded him as "cool", "the know", a technological guru.

    Then releasing the application through traditional marketing techniques is a "win-win" proposal
    link to the app from your site's web site with a link to a dedicated web site iTune download links to the app from the iTunes Store

    • publishing a press release announcing that the application is available
    • has been in contact with commercial and traditional media to highlight the availability of the application to produce a human interest press
    • access to applications in print media
    • announced and officially announced the availability of the application in the iTunes Store in its newsletter, online blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channels, Flickr Streams, and LinkedIn Groups
    • asking all those who are from alk apps are downloaded to qualify for this application on iTunes App Store
    • this app for app review sites, blogs and app review overview
    • regular app updates and re-releases to the iTunes Store

    [19659002] This is the right time for some unique positive PRs. This does not last forever, so take a positive step towards the application.

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