How to get started in iPhone App Development

With the Apple app store covering 3 billion application downloads in early 2010, it is ensured that the demand for iPhone dev is going to grow at a rapid rate in the coming future. Developing for iPhone can be a difficult task, but with the right advice and knowledge it's much easier than you think. In this article I will review several places to start learning how to develop a program for iPhone.

Places to start learning how to develop apps for iPhone:

1. Download iPhone SDK from Apple – I recommend doing this first before anything else. The cost is $ 99 and it will let you sign up as an iPhone programmer. This will allow you to upload apps to the App Store and will also give you basics on how to develop these types of applications. Apple SDK is not perfect in the Bible for this kind of development, but it gives you the necessary tools to start you.

2. Start reading iPhone dev books – Reading is one of the best ways to learn something and this is no different. I would recommend buying offline books and reading them and then refer them as a reference if you need to look back on them in the future. There are a lot of books out there to choose from so be sure to read reviews to make sure they will provide you with the iPhone knowledge skills you are looking for.

3. Sign up for iPhone dev forums – This is also recommended to allow you to join the iPhone development community. You must be able to read examples, courses and even ask questions. This is completely free and the information will be updated daily.

4. Developing programs – One best way to learn is to get some hands on experience. Even if your application is not a program center ready, simply programming will help you experience your experience. Start coding today and you'll know more than you did yesterday! Practice makes perfect!

5. Read iPhone Development Blogs and Courses – There are tons of blogs out there that help teach others how to develop for iPhone. Find these blogs and visit them repeatedly. Ask questions if you have any.

The internet contains tons of information about iPhone development that awaits you to find it. Make a simple online search and you will be on your way to developing programs faster than you know.

Source by Andrew Gazdecki

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