How to get people to your mobile app?

Since Facebook introduced the Like Button in early 2010, I liked the fact that it had something completely new. Nowadays, online social etiquette does more than say that you like something. At this time, you are committed to pressing a button, sharing a URL on the social network, or bookmark Digg, etc. Bookmark sale.

For iOS and Android app developers, people can share their apps by generating them like & # 39; the content of internal apps integrates a whole set of external APIs, usually through a backend server. Time and expertise are needed – and are committed to keeping things up to date when and when the external platform API is changing.

This is a hassle, but if you want your app to be easily shared on community platforms, you have to do something.

Insufficient Solution to Social Platform Integration

On the other hand, why invest in everything in a high-maintenance background server when a managed cloud-based server solution where integration is controlled by a (and simple) interface?

Cloud Based Backend Server Solutions is a relatively new phenomenon. These are essentially prefabricated bridges for the application and the external location where the application data is stored. With a cloud-based server, you can easily integrate your application with all major social networking platforms simply by "providing the right SDK from the service directory."

Here we are talking about power.

Backend server solution providers use a secure and reliable data server such as Amazon and MongoDB. Data is always extremely secure on these platforms, however. you do not have to use them if you do not want to. Many service providers in this field use REST APIs to manage data management between a third-party server and application. However, you play, your data is always yours and safe as you want. [19659002] But do people really like the app?

This depends on your content. Your app is what you do. If you provide useful content that people are forced to share, of course, people will love using it. Using a cloud-based back-end server, it's easy for users to easily adapt to an app's content and publish it in your Facebook account, Tweeten Egypt, like any other social networking site, at the touch of a button. This is the service you get with a backend server!

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