How to Get Keyword Suggestions on iPhone – Enable Hidden Correction Keyboard Bar in 5 Steps

The auto-corrected keyboard shortcut for iPhone is hidden. Fortunately, we can only make one change in the code and enable the feature. The auto-correction keystroke works on any iOS 5 device that includes iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 4G etc.

You need the following:

– iBackupBot for Windows / Mac (regardless of

– The latest version of iTunes for Windows / Mac

Make the car repair key on iDevice:

Step One:

Open and open backup file via iBackupTool

Step Two: 19659002] Connect to your iPhone and back up your device using iTunes

Find this file -> Library / Settings /

Fourth Step:


Save the file (You may want to receive an alert to register the software but ignore this l leave, because this process is used only once.) If this message appears, press the cancel button.

Step 5:

This is it.

The auto-correction keystroke automatically appears on the iPhone when you need to type something.

AutoCorrect Keyboard

AutoCorrect Keystroke is a feature that is often associated with Android phones. It is unknown why Apple tried to hide this feature in iOS 5, but this is a great way to reduce the length of typing and make things faster.

With the AutoCorrect Keystroke, you get suggestions – so you can write faster because most of the time the words you intend to enter are prompted instantly.

Warning word: If you are not sure about the secure editing (step 4), you can optionally back up your backups via iTunes. So if things go wrong (they will not, do not worry!), ITunes can easily take advantage of the old backup.

Many people say that jailbreak apps make it easy to do this, do not have to do anything like adding code etc. But jailbreaking is technically bad according to Apple (though legally lawful) and can void the warranty.

So, if you just want to enable auto-fix, this method instead of jeopardizing jailbreak.

Source by Rob Penn

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